Monthly Archives: June 2013

mima – event at Transporters Bridge

Our event at the Transporters Bridge Visitors Centre was a very successful and enjoyable day. Thank you to all that participated and shared they stories. I will be editing the recordings from the day and and will share this with you.

Here are some brilliant images of the day. Images by Steve Brown

Venice – installation views

Here are some more images of the finished Silentio Pathologia installation.

Venice – Black Beauties

Images of the beautiful black beauties. They make a great pets.

mima – William Lane

Brilliant morning at William lane foundry casting samples with Stuart and Edward.

Prep work and sample No 1 by Stuart:

Stuart casting my hand print:

Sample No 2 by Stuart and Elpida:

poring the bronze:

mima – initial proposal presentation

My presentation day at mima with very positive response to my initial proposals for the commission and people raised some interesting questions. I am to further develop my proposal and we will meet again in a months time.

Venice – work completed

All up and running and we ‘DID IT’, we completed on time.
Thank you to all that were involved with my project.
More images to follow…..