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Wellcome – UCL

Vascular endothelial growth factor to develop new therapeutic approaches;
Mechanisms of angiogenesis (new blood vessel formation);

Experiments into artery and muscle damage and repair on mice, where blood vessels are stopped and pinched, then scheduled observation of how the vessels either repaired themselves and/or were diverted to maintain circulation. Here, cutting into the neck, getting access to the vessels, and cleaning the wound, produced a by product, a small ‘kiss’ of blood on a swab, much like dabbing excess lipstick off the mouth.

Wellcome – UCL

Preparing tools for operating surgery

Wellcome – UCL

Sample skins in paraffin wax – setting moulds before mounting

Wellcome – studio work

Back at my studio experimenting with intestines

Wellcome – NUH

Nottingham University Hospital at the Biomedical Research Unit
Nottingham Digestive Disease Centre and Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre, with Dr Giles Major, Dr Caroline Hoad and Andrew Wragg

Learning about Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Wellcome – UEA

Endoscopy Unit at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, with Dr Cinzia Papadia