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I am delighted to announce that I am representing Macedonia at the 55th International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia. I have been appointed by the Ministry of Culture in Macedonia to present an exhibition of new work in Venice between 1st June and 24th November 2013 (with the press and preview between 29 May and 31 May 2013). I am working with Ana Frangovska, curator at the National Gallery of Macedonia.

Venice – week 17

Skinning still in process and now running out of time… at the same time starting sawing silk and putting together finished rat skins. I am so tired, almost to exhaustion, have to find more energy from somewhere and keep going!

Venice – week 16

Metal production in process.

Venice – week 14

Working madly to finish skinning all the 700 rats. Some amazing contrast and patterns are evoking.

Venice – week 9

How beautiful is that?


Venice – week 8

Working on the rats is been much harder then anticipated. Here are some of the skinning and tanning examples – images of the work in progress.

Venice – week 7

The making of the cocoons has been progressing amazingly well – thanks to all my team and they great enthusiasm.

Venice – Week 6

Fixings and architectural details of the work in progress, by architect Pero Bojkov.

Venice – week 5

The architectural plans of the work at Scuola dei Laneri by Architect Pero Bojkov.

Venice – week 4

Architectural drawings of the cocoon patterns by uncle Pero Bojkov. They are amazingly beautiful.